Facility Relocation

Facility Relocation

Facility relocation

* Other mechanical equipment needed by manufacturers such as small medium-sized businesses and large corporations in apartment-type factories
* Requirements

1) Layout change : Changing machine location and changing whole line in a limited space, replacing old equipment, filling new equipment, etc.

2) Factoty expansion : As much as the expanded area > New investment facility

3) Shrinking factories : As much as the narrowed area > Unnecessary mechanical facilities are taken out or loaded

4) New factoty : Introducing necessary machinery equivalent to the factory area
a) From Busan factory to Seoul factory
b) Import of machinery and equipment from famous manufacturers from overseas
c) Received after ordering from a domestic machine manufacturer

5) Factory relocation : Moving from the pervious factory to the new factory > A large number of people and vehicles are mobilized (layout change, location selection, disassembly, assembly, installation, horizontal work, etc.)
Other mechanical equipment needed for manufacturers such as small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations in apartment-type factories

Imported machinery

  • Introducing equipment from famous overseas manufacturers into country
  • Transport imported mechanical equipment via trailers from Busan Port to Incheon Port
  • Unloading work upon arrival at the factory, dismantling the box, moving or assembling and installing depending on the location
  • Highly precise leveling work for balancing, completion of set up, additional (Utility construction and Berctric construction)

Export machinery

  • Entire relocation of factory facilities to manufacturing country due to rising labor costs
  •  Categorized and disassembled by PART and placed in a wooden box
  • Transport to Busan or Incheon and loaded on ship


  • Large-scale projects, mall-and-medium-sized business and large enterprises, etc.
  • From design to supervision of heavy chemical facilities, advanced facilities, and automation facilities, ENG companies classify each part and re-order after receiving work and orders

Domestic machinery manufacturer

  • Customers who need a wide range of domestically manufactured machines (At the request of factories, transportation and assembly installation work are carried out to various regions across the country)
    e.g.automated facilities, dairy processing machines, PRESS, robots, etc.

Key Performance

Key Performance



February 'DIC' an in-house line facility relocation
April 'JUNGGANG MACHINERRY' facility relocation
July 'KIA' a new model facility relocation
November 'HYUNDAI TRANSYS' a commercial line facility relocation


May 'HYUNDAI MISSION' facility relocation
May 'ZION ENTECH' facility relocation
June 'DIC' facility relocation


April 'DIC' Ulsan a new model facility relocation
November 'UNGJEON INDUSTRY' facility relocation
December 'GEONU HEAVY INDUSTRY' facility relocation
December 'DAEIL INNOTECH' facility relocation
December 'DIC' facility relocation


April 'DAEIL INNOTECH' facility relocation
May 'HYUNDAI WIA in Changwon' facility relocation
September 'JUNGGANG MACHINERRY' facility relocation
October 'DIC' processing line facility relocation
November 'JUNGWON MACHINERY' facility relocation


December 'HYUNDAI WIA in Changwon' facility relocation